Antonini Modern Living Modern Accessories for a Modern Look

Modern Accessories for a Modern Look

The modern accessories that you add to your home are much like jewelry that you put on to match your outfit. Decorative accessories will accentuate the modern features of a room and help pull everything together to complete the appearance. At Antonini Modern Living we understand the intrinsic value that these accessories hold and we offer unique items that will complement your decor in the best way possible.

Wall Hangings

Bring out the best in your wall hangings by placing them at eye level. If you’re going to be hanging pictures, thin white and black frames are often very appealing in a modern setting. The placement of the pictures throughout the room will all depend on the furniture placement so make sure that you have first decided where the larger furniture pieces will be placed before putting up any pictures.


Look for knick-knacks that are sleek and stylish that also reflect your own personality. Accessories with interesting shapes also work well with this type of decor and if you are living in a small space such as a condo you should be shopping for smaller-sized knick-knacks that complement the size of the room.

Avoid Clutter

If you add too many accessories to the room it can also start to look very cluttered. Try to keep your accessories at a minimum. Various bright knick-knacks with too many colours can also add a cluttered appearance. Try to follow a colour scheme that matches with the rest of the room’s appearance when choosing your accessories so that they appear clean and neat without offering a cluttered feel.

At Antonini Modern Living we offer the accessories you need to complete your room. Some of the modern accessories we offer include mirrors, screens, knick-knacks, vases, wall hangings and much more.

Take a look at our wide range of accessories that are perfect for modern day living at or visit one of our showrooms in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Miami to see them in person. The accessories you choose will successfully pull together everything you’ve done thus far with your decorating.

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